Issue 6

Volume 77, December 2011

  • review article

    • Current concepts of articular cartilage repair

      Oliver S. Schindler


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  • original studies

    • The role of acromion morphology in chronic subacromial impingement syndrome

      Ali Aydin, Vahit Yildiz, Fatih Kalali, Ömer Selim Yildirim, Murat Topal, Ay enur Dostbil


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    • Return to work after arthroscopic subacromial decompression

      Lucas Luyckx, Thomas Luyckx, Peter Donceel, Philippe Debeer


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    • Outcome of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair in large tears : The exposed footprint

      Eduard Buess, Bernhard Waibl, Robert Seidner, Stefan Werlen


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    • Comparison between two classifications of humeral head fractures : Neer and AO-ASIF

      Stefano Gumina, Giuseppe Giannicola, Paolo Albino, Daniele Passaretti, Gianluca Cinotti, Franco Postacchini


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    • Elbow arthrolysis for traumatic arthrofibrosis : A shift towards minimally invasive surgery

      Ilse Degreef, Luc De Smet



    • Proximal row carpectomy for chronic unreduced perilunate dislocations

      Takaaki Shinohara, Masahiro Tatebe, Nobuyuki Okui, Michiro Yamamoto, Shigeru Kurimoto, Hitoshi Hirata



    • Clinical and functional outcome of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

      Hans Van Der Bracht, Sam Vander Eecken, David Vyncke, Jacques Van Dooren, Erwin Jansegers


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    • Metal ion levels decrease after revision for metallosis arising from large-diameter metal-on-metal hip arthroplasty

      Darren Ebreo, Abdul Khan, Mohammed El-Meligy, Catherine Armstrong, Viju Peter


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    • Leg length discrepancy following femoral shaft fracture in children : Clinical considerations and recommendations

      Hélène Hariga, Maryline Mousny, Pierre-Louis Docquier


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    • Promises and difficulties with the use of femoral intra-medullary lengthening nails to treat limb length discrepancies

      Madhavan Chikkapapanna Papanna, Puneet Monga, Nawfal Al-Hadithy, Richard Allen Wilkes


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    • Malignant proximal fibular tumours : A case series of 17 patients

      Sanjeeve Sabharwal, Gorav Datta, Onur Berber, Will Aston, Rob Pollock, Tim Briggs


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    • The percutaneous use of a pointed reduction clamp during intramedullary nailing of distal third tibial shaft fractures

      Jordanna M. Forman, Adriana M. Urruela, Kenneth A. Egol


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    • Clinical and radiographic results after treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease with the Bryan disc prosthesis : A prospective study with 2-year follow-up

      Quanming Wang, Hongbing Cheng, Zhixiang Mao, Xinsheng Qi, Meng Zhang, Yun Chen


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    • Single-stage posterior debridement and single-level instrumented fusion for spontaneous infectious spondylodiscitis of the lumbar spine

      Liang Zhang, Wei-Hua Cai, Bo Huang, Lin-Wei Chen, Ning Zhang, Bin Ni


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    • Radiofrequency ablation of osteoid osteomas : Five years experience

      Zafiria G. Papathanassiou, Theodore Petsas, Dionysios Papachristou, Panagiotis Megas


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    • Double semi-tubular plating of clavicle using a piggyback technique - An alternative way of treating clavicle mid-shaft fractures in young patients

      Faisal Qamar, Anish P. Kadakia, Richard Forrester, Rodney Price, Colin Tuson


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    • Methotrexate and post operative complications in patients with rheumatoid arthritis undergoing elective orthopaedic surgery - A ten year follow-up

      Ramankutty Sreekumar, Julie Gray, Peter Kay, David Michael Grennan


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  • technical note

    • Insertion of intramedullary nails from the suprapatellar pouch for proximal tibial shaft fractures. A technical note

      Tijs Jakma, Peter Reynders-Frederix, Rai Rajmohan


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  • case report

    • Closed total talus dislocation : a case report

      Steven Heylen, Thierry De Baets, Patricia Verstraete


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    • Metatarsal Giant cell tumour in a 7-year-old child : A case report

      Moez Dridi, Safouane Ben Slama, Mondher M'Barek, Mohsen Trabelsi


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    • Spontaneous pediculolysis with associated contralateral laminar fracture. A case report

      Bhoresh Dhamija, Dimitris Kombogiorgas, Spencer P. Harland


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    • Aneurysmal bone cyst of the spine in an adolescent : A case report

      Martin Gothner, Mustafa Citak, Thomas A. Schildhauer, Bernd Roetman


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