Issue 2

Volume 76, April 2010

  • review article

    • Management of distal clavicle fractures

      Ilias Bisbinas, Petros Mikalef, Ioannis Gigis, Theodoros Beslikas, Nikolaos Panou, Ioannis Christoforidis


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    • Total ankle replacement: Design evolution and results

      Alexander van den Heuvel, Saskia Van Bouwel, Greta Dereymaeker


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  • original studies

    • Neglected anterior shoulder dislocation : open remplissage of the Hill-Sachs lesion with the infraspinatus tendon

      Amr Mohamed Abdelhady


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    • Radiographic markers of acetabular retroversion : Correlation of the cross-over sign, ischial spine sign and posterior wall sign

      Clément M.L. Werner, Carol E. Copeland, Thomas Ruckstuhl, Jeff Stromberg, Clifford H. Turen, Fabian Kalberer, Patrick O. Zingg


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    • MRI evaluation of femoral and acetabular anteversion in developmental dysplasia of the hip: A study in an early walking age group

      Aditya Krishna Mootha, Raghav Saini, Mandeep Singh Dhillon, Sameer Aggarwal, Vishal Kumar, Sujit Kumar Tripathy


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    • Prevalence of acetabular cartilage lesions and labral tears in femoroacetabular impingement

      Geert Meermans, Sujith Konan, Fares S. Haddad, Johan D. Witt


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    • Sealing the acetabular notch in cemented total hip arthroplasty. A radiological review of 380 cases

      Ashutosh Acharya, Timothy Petheram, Matthew Hubble, Jonathon Howell


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    • Do we need radiological guidance for hip joint injections?

      Harish Kurup, Peter Ward


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    • Osteochondral autograft transplantation for osteochondritis dissecans of the knee Preliminary results of a prospective case series

      José M.H. Smolders, Niels B. Kock, Sander Koëter, Job L.C. Van Susante


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    • Persistent knee complaints after retrograde unreamed nailing of femoral shaft fractures

      Mostafa El Moumni, Pim Schraven, Henk Jan ten Duis, Klaus Wendt


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    • Comparison of three surgical epiphysiodesis techniques for the treatment of lower limb length discrepancy

      Cédric Campens, Maryline Mousny, Pierre-Louis Docquier


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    • An analysis of intra-operative variation in femorotibial alignment in the coronal plane during computer navigated total knee replacement

      Paraskumar Mohanlal, Sunil Jain


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    • Percutaneous suture of acute Achilles tendon rupture A study of 60 cases

      Jean-Louis Rouvillain, Thomas Navarre, Octavio Labrada-Blanco, Emmanuel Garron, Wael Daoud


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    • Surgical management of sacral chordoma

      Harzem Ozger, Levent Eralp, Mustafa Sungur, Ata Can Atalar


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    • Empirical antibiotic therapy in prosthetic joint infections

      Ricardo Sousa, Alexandre Pereira, Marta Massada, Manuel Vieira da Silva, Rui Lemos, José Costa E Castro


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    • Uncemented femoral stem design influences the occurrence rate of postoperative fractures after primary hip arthroplasty : A comparison of the Image® and Profile® stems

      Elke Van Eynde, Marc Hendrickx, Thierry Scheerlinck


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  • technical note

    • Autologous matrix-induced chondrogenesis (AMIC) A one-step procedure for retropatellar articular resurfacing

      Jan Philipp Benthien, Peter Behrens


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  • case report

    • Posttraumatic cyst-like lesions of cortical bone in children

      Art Asrian, Miryam Shahabpour, Farhad Tajdar, Hugo de Boeck


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    • Pulmonary cement embolism after augmentation of pedicle screws with bone cement

      Marc Röllinghoff, Jan Siewe, Peer Eysel, Karl-Stefan Delank


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    • Fatigue fracture of the femoral component in a mobile bearing knee prosthesis

      Roger Lemaire


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    • Asymptomatic dissection of craniocervical arteries in combination with severe cervical spine fractures

      Thomas Dienstknecht, Antonio Ernstberger, Michael Nerlich, Peter Angele


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