Issue 4

Volume 66, October 2000

  • article

    • Shortening of the calcaneus treated with Ilizarov's method.

      J Lammens.


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    • Bilateral total hip replacement in pseudoachondroplasia.

      D C Wirtz, K Birnbaum, C H Siebert, and K D Heller.


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    • Extraskeletal chondroma, a rare soft tissue tumor. Case report.

      F A Anthouli-Anagnostopoulou, and G Papachristou.


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    • Reconstructive surgery for a defect in the shaft of the ulna due to osteomyelitis. Long-term result of a case.

      J M Kirkos, and J H Haritidis.


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    • Atlanto axial instability due to neurofibromatosis: case report.

      L M Veras, J Castellanos, G Ramírez, A Valer, J Casamitjana, and F González.


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    • A retroperitoneal tumor as a late complication of the use of bone wax.

      O Verborgt, K Verellen, F Van Thielen, M Deroover, L Verbist, and T Borms.


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    • [Malleolar fractures. Predictive factors for secondary osteoarthritis. Retrospective study of 32 cases.]

      O Jarde, P Vives, E Havet, R Gouron, and W Meunier.


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    • Long-term clinical results of cemented revision of primary cemented total hip arthroplasties.

      C H Diekerhof, L F Barnaart, and P M Rozing.


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    • [Fibrocartilaginous dysplasia and tibia vara in young children: presentation of 3 new cases with spontaneous resolution and review of the literature]

      D Ceroni, M Mosconi, and A DiMeglio.


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    • Prognosis of wrist ganglion operations.

      H Günde?, Y Cirpici, A Sarlak, and S Müezzinoglu.


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    • Radial head dislocation with plastic deformation of the ulna in children. A rare and frequently missed condition.

      S Kemnitz, F De Schrijver, and L De Smet.


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    • The floating radial head prosthesis for comminuted radial head fractures: a multicentric study.

      S Smets, K Govaers, N Jansen, R Van Riet, M Schaap, and F Van Glabbeek.


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    • [Surgical treatment of metastases from thyroid cancer in the axial skeleton. A retrospective study of 18 cases]

      C Court, Z Noun, O Gagey, and J Y Nordin.


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    • Short- and long-term effects of regional application of morphine and bupivacaine on the iliac crest donor site.

      H Günde?, L Kiliçkan, Y Gürkan, A Sarlak, and K Toker.


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    • Destination of debris during intramedullary reaming. An experimental study on sheep femurs.

      J P Frölke, H Van de Krol, F C Bakker, P Patka, and H J Haarman.


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    • [Rheumatoid arthritis of the wrist with adult onset]

      J Y Alnot.


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    • [Pelvic osteotomies in children and adolescents]

      H Carlioz.


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