Issue 2

Volume 83, June 2017

  • original studies

    • Small interprosthetic gaps do not increase femoral peri-prosthetic fracture risk. An in vitro bio-mechanical analysis

      Thomas Quirynen et al


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    • Management of greater trochanteric pain syndrome : a systematic review

      S. Koulischer et al


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    • Functional outcome following internal fixation of intraarticular fractures of the distal femur

      R. L. Sahu


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    • Femur can be lengthened over nail, along its mechanical axis : a modified lengthening over nail technique

      Ahmet Emrah Açan, et al


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    • Results of cosmetic lower limb lengthening by the lengthening over nail technique

      Mehmet Kocaoglu et al


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    • Evaluation of the Posterior Tibial Slope in Noncontact ACL Injuries Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging

      Emrah Sayit et al


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    • The TRAC-PS dual radius total knee arthroplasty : Disappointing medium and long terms results

      Johan Vanlauwe et al


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    • 5 Year Outcomes and Survivorship of the Triathlon Total Knee Replacement : a Cohort Study

      Vikki Wylde et al


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    • Surgical treatment of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture : where do we stand today?

      Pieter-Jan Verhelst, Thomas Luyckx


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    • Comparative study of autograft harvested from contra lateral proximal tibia versus the iliac crest for operative management of depressed tibial plateau fractures

      Riazuddin Mohammed et al


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    • Percutaneous hardware free corrective osteotomy for bunionnette deformity

      Ben Molenaers et al


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    • Fixation of clavicle alone in floating shoulder injury : functional and radiological outcome

      Mohamed A. Samy, Amr E. Darwish


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    • Virtual 3D planning and patient specific surgical guides for corrective osteotomy of the clavicle : report of three cases

      Alexander Van Tongel et al


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    • Late function and complications of hook plate implantation for distal-third clavicle fractures : a retrospective study

      Lining Zhang et al


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    • Modified anconeus muscle transfer as treatment of failed surgical release of lateral epicondylitis of the elbow

      Thomas Luyckx et al


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    • Excision of painful dorsal wrist ganglion by open or arthroscopic approach : a comparison study

      Hyun l.l. Lee et al


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    • Fascial flap surgery for recurrent dorsal ganglion

      Pieter Reyniers et al


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    • A life-threatening situation due to a spider bite : a non-infectious necrotizing fasciitis

      Juan Miguel Rodríguez-Roiz et al


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    • A comparative study of three approaches for the treatment of lumbosacral tuberculosis

      Liang Zhou et al


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