Issue 4

Volume 73, August 2007

  • original studies

    • Adamantinoma

      Panagiotis Kitsoulis, Antonia Charchanti, Georgios Paraskevas, Aikaterini Marini, Georgios Karatzias


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    • Mini-external fixation of two- and three- part proximal humerus fractures

      Nabil A. Ebraheim, Vishwas Patil, Adeel Husain


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    • Patient satisfaction after open release of common extensor origin in treating resistant tennis elbow

      Suresh Thomas, Guy Broome


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    • Does restricted wrist motion influence the disability of the upper limb ?

      Luc De Smet


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    • Correction of chronic lunotriquetral instability using extensor retinacular split : A retrospective study of 26 patients

      Ilkka Antti-Poika, Jukka Hyrkäs, Liisa M Virkki, Daisuke Ogino, Yrjö T Konttinen


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    • Soft tissues chondromas of the hand : A report of five cases

      Abdelkarim Khedhaier, Riadh Maalla, Khelil Ennouri, Nizar Regaya


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    • The role of limb salvage surgery and custom mega prosthesis in multiple myeloma

      Mayil Vahanan Natarajan, Paraskumar Mohanlal, Jagadesh Chandra Bose


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    • Comparison of alumina-alumina to metal-polyethylene bearing surfaces in THA : A randomized study with 4- to 9-years follow-up

      Pascal-A. Vendittoli, Julien Girard, Martin Lavigne, Pauline Lavoie, Nicolas Duval


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    • Hip arthroscopy : Outcome and patient satisfaction after 5 to 10 years

      Jürgen Londers, Jan Van Melkebeek


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    • Reconstruction plate fixation of subtrochanteric femoral fractures in children

      Moustafa El-Sayed, Mazen Abulsaad, Mahmoud El- Hadidi, Wael El-Adl, Magdy El-Batouty


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    • Interobserver reliability in evaluation of pedicle screw positions inserted with a modified technique

      Ozgur Ozer, Cagatay Ozturk, Burak Akesen, Ufuk Aydinli


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    • Retrospective analysis of the occurrence of radiologically detectable surgical error in cases of failed pedicle screw implants

      M. F. Butt, M. Farooq, S. A. Dhar, M. R. Mir, B. A. Mir, K. A. Kangoo


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    • Demand and supply of bone allograft and the role of orthopaedic surgeons

      Ghulam Abbas, Subir L. Bali, Neelam Abbas, David J. Dalton


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    • Early complications from the use of porcine dermal collagen implants (Permacol™) as bridging constructs in the repair of massive rotator cuff tears. A report of 4 cases

      J. Agustin Soler, Sam Gidwani, Mark J. Curtis


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  • technical note

    • The outside-in subcutaneous arthroscopically assisted lateral retinacular release : A new technique

      David K. Martin, Rehan Gul, Mark S. Falworth, Parminder J.S. Jeer


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  • case report

    • Isolated synovial cyst of the acromio-clavicular joint associated with joint degeneration and an intact rotator cuff

      George M. Kontakis, Theodoros H. Tosounidis, Apostolos Karantanas


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    • Postradiation soft tissue sarcoma of the shoulder : A case report

      Philippe Debeer, Bart Van de Meulebroucke, Jos Stuyck, Raf Sciot, Ignace Samson


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    • Neuropathic arthropathy of the shoulder and elbow associated with syringomyelia : A report of 3 cases

      Peter Ruette, Jos Stuyck, Philippe Debeer


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    • False aneurysm of the profunda femoris artery, a rare complication of a proximal femoral fracture

      Ewan D. Ritchie, Daniël Haverkamp, Tom J.M.J. Schiphorst, Koop Bosscha


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    • Intraoperative arterial occlusion in total hip arthroplasty. A report of two cases

      Jean-Pierre Simon, Antoon Van Raebroeckx, Johan Bellemans


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    • Navigated total knee arthroplasty in a patient with severe diaphyseal deformities

      János Patai, Gábor Janositz, László Mécs, Kálmán Tóth


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    • Giant cell tumour of the anterior arc of a rib presenting as a breast lump : A case report

      Muddassir Rashid, Syed Zafar Abbas, Ibne Ahmad, Faisal Haque, Faisal Shadab


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    • Pseudoaneurysm of the superior gluteal artery during iliosacral screw fixation

      Ignacio Maled, Roberto Velez, Ricardo Lopez, Lledó Batalla, Victor L. Caja


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  • letter to the editor

    • Proteus Syndrome in the aetiology of carpal tunnel syndrome

      Saliha Senel, Dr Sami Ulus


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