Issue 1

Volume 68, February 2002

  • article

    • Multicentric giant cell tumor of the upper arm

      Hamdi M, Ben Amor H, Ben Chaabane T, Kchelfi S, Nouisri L, Khelil A.


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    • Abdominal hernia through a defect in the iliac bone after resection of a chondrosarcoma of the pelvis.

      Juan-Garcia E, Canales V, Peguero A, Herrera A, Martinez A.


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    • Supracondylar process of the humerus.

      Subasi M, Kesemenli C, Necmioglu S, Kapukaya A, Demirtas M.


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    • Sweet's syndrome associated with pigmented villonodular synovitis.

      Gosheger G, Hillmann A, Ozaki T, Buerger H, Winkelmann W.


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    • Pelvifemoral external fixation for the treatment of open fractures of the proximal femur caused by firearms.

      Miric DM, Bumbasirevic MZ, Senohradski KK, Djordjevic ZP.


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    • The effect of femoral stem size on failure rates in total hip replacement cemented with Boneloc.

      Kalairajah Y, Molloy S, Patterson M.


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    • Hydroxyapatite-coated stems with metaphyseal and diaphyseal press-fit. Eleven-year follow-up results.

      Hernandez Cortes P, Najera Sagastume OO, Mesa Ramos F, Pajares Lopez M, Hernandez Hernandez MA.


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  • case report

    • Dislocation of the elbow with intra-articular entrapment of the medial epicondyle in adults. Report of two cases.

      Khan SA, Zahid M.


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    • Angioleiomyoma of the knee. A case report.

      Thienpont E, Geens S, Nelen G.


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    • Modified shoelace technique for delayed primary closure of the thigh after acute compartment syndrome.

      Galois L, Pauchot J, Pfeffer F, Kermarrec I, Traversari R, Mainard D, Delagoutte JP.


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    • Triple arthrodesis in the management of acquired flatfoot deformity in the adult secondary to posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. A retrospective study of 20 cases

      Jarde O, Abiraad G, Gabrion A, Vernois J, Massy S.


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  • evaluation studie

    • The reliability of the pre-operative classification of open tibial fractures in children a proposal for a new classification.

      Faraj AA.


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  • clinical trial

    • Effect of dynamization in open interlocking nailing of femoral fractures. A prospective randomized comparative study of 50 cases with a 2-year follow-up.

      Basumallick MN, Bandopadhyay A.


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    • Ligament reconstruction/tendon interposition arthroplasty for thumb basal joint osteoarthritis preliminary results of a prospective outcome study.

      De Smet L, Vanfleteren L, Sioen W, Spaepen D, Van Ransbeeck H.


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  • review article

    • Delayed post-traumatic osteonecrosis of a vertebral body (Kummell's disease).

      Young WF, Brown D, Kendler A, Clements D.


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    • Current state of cement fixation in THR.

      Morscher EW, Wirz D.


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