Return to sports after bucket handle medial meniscus tear repair using inside out technique in recreational sports players


Return to sports; medial meniscus tear

Published online: Jan 20 2023

Vatsal Khetan, Neel Shah, Bhushan Sabnis, Sajeer Usman, Anant Joshi

From the Orthopedics Department, Sportsmed, 2nd floor Parel premises, Opposite Motilal Oswal Towers, Parel west, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


The main purpose of our study is to determine the outcomes of bucket handle medial meniscus tears repaired with the inside out technique in recreational sports players, and the return of these to pre-injury sports levels. 41 athletes with medial meniscus bucket handle tear were included in the study. 28 cases were associated with ACL tear while rest were isolated tears. Medial meniscus repair was done exclusively with arthroscopy assisted inside out technique. Lysholm score, IKDC score and Tegner staging were used to evaluate functional status of patients with minimum 1-year follow-up. Data was analyzed using Wilcoxon Matched pairs test, and Friedman test. All patients were examined clinically at regular intervals. Lysholm score and IKDC score showed significant increase in their values. Tegner staging showed no significant change compared to their preinjury game level. On VAS pain scale, there was significant decrease in their pain at regular follow up intervals. 2 patients had re-tears of the repaired medial meniscus. Repairing bucket handle tears of the medial meniscus in recreational sports players with the inside out technique yields good results in terms of clinical and functional outcomes. It successfully allows them to return to sports at 1 year.