Results of the total wrist arthrodesis with contoured plate in a series of 41 wrists with median follow-up of 6 years


wrist; total wrist arthrodesis; contoured plate; post-traumatic arthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; Kien-böck’s disease

Published online: Jan 22 2023

Luis Rodríguez-Nogué, Gregorio Martínez-Villén

From the Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery Department, Miguel Servet University Hospital, Zaragoza, Spain.


We present a comparative analysis between the pre and postoperative status of 41 wrists subjected to total arthrodesis with contoured plate, analysing the functional and radiological results, subjective satisfaction and return to work. The indications for surgery were post-traumatic arthritis (56.1%), Kien- böck’s disease (17.1%), rheumatic disease (14.6%) or other reasons (12.2%). In 75.6% of the procedures, proximal row carpectomy took place prior to or at the same time as the surgical fusion procedure. The median follow-up was 6 years. Postoperatively, pain decreased by 7.5 points on the Visual Analogue Scale and grip strength increased by 6.3 kg. The improve- ment in the Quick Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand was 43.5 points and 53.2 in the Patient- Rated Wrist Evaluation. All changes were statistically significant. There were postoperative complications in 14.6% of the arthrodesis procedures. Radiocarpal fusion was complete in 97.6% of cases. Finally, 62.5% of patients were able to return to work, with 92.5% being satisfied or very satisfied. These results allow us to conclude that, in the medium term, total wrist arthrodesis with contoured plate is a reliable and safe technique for the treatment of advanced radiocarpal arthritis.