Non operative management of fractures of the humerus Evaluation of a new extension casting method


Humerus; extension casting

Published online: May 03 2022

L. Prakash, Shabir A Dhar

From the Institute of Special Orthopaedics, Palakkad Kerala, India


Fractures of the humeral shaft represent 2-4% of all fractures and functional bracing is the gold standard in conservative management. Complications like restricted shoulder range of motion and malunion of the proximal shaft fractures have however been reported. We conducted a retrospective chart re- view of patients treated with the extension casting method over a period of 16 years. Topographically, Garnavos P, M, D, PM and MD fractures and morphologically Simple, Complex and Intermediate fractures were included. Between 2003 and 2019, 74 patients were treated with extension casting. The fractures united at a mean of 10 weeks and there was no case of non-union. Humerus is one of the bones where conservative methodology is still very pertinent. Extension casting gives reproducible and good results. It also addresses patient comfort issues to a considerable extent by allowing shoulder motion and easier maintenance of personal hygiene.