Os acromiale : literature review and treatment options


key points of pathophysiology ; clinical manifestations ; para-clinical studies ; treatment of os acromiale

Published online: Apr 16 2021

Ugo Breda, Ghady El Khoury, Etienne Willemart, Tom De Baere

From the Orthopedic departement, Hôpital Delta – CHIREC, Brussels, Belgium


Os acromiale is due to a defect of fusion of the different ossification centers of the acromion. It is a common cause of shoulder pain that should be evoked in the differential diagnosis of the sub-acromial conflict. CT scan or magnetic resonance are therefore often helpful to confirm the diagnosis. Conservative treatment is the first-line management but various surgical techniques are described in case of initial treatment failure. In this context, new arthroscopic techniques offer encouraging results. This article overviews the key points of pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, para-clinical studies and treatment of os acromiale.