Iliac screws in multi-level degenerative spine treated via long constructs crossing the lumbosacral junction


iliac screw fixation ; long fusion ; lumbosacral junction

Published online: May 29 2020

Mohammed Zayan Ibrahim, Hany EL Zahlawy, Mohammed Abdelsalam Wafa

From the Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt


The purpose of this retrospective study was to evaluate the effectiveness of iliac screws in the multilevel degenerative spine where long segmental instrumentation crossing the lumbosacral junction is required. Thirty-three patients underwent decompression combined with long instrumented fusion extending distally to the sacrum. The distal anchors were augmented with iliac screws. The minimum follow-up period was 2 years. The mean preoperative VAS for back pain was 7.69 ± 0.91 ; this improved to 3.21 ± 1.02 (p< 0.05). The mean preoperative ODI was 62.06 ± 7.72 ; it was reduced to 31.81 ± 13.2 (p< 0.05). Fusion across L5S1 was assessed with plain radiographs. It was achieved in all patients at final follow-up. Iliac screw placement is effective in providing distal support in long fusions.