Current knowledge in orthopaedic surgery on recommending sport activities after total hip and knee replacement


hip arthroplasty ; knee arthroplasty ; quality of life ; sport

Published online: Dec 30 2018

Ana Oljaca , Ivan Vidakovic , Andreas Leithner , Marko Bergovec

From the Medical University of Graz, Kaiser Franz Joseph Hospital Vienna, and One Health Group Sheffield


The increasing number of younger patients with total hip arthroplasty and total knee arthroplasty sets higher demands on the postoperative quality of life. When it comes to athletic activity, recommendations and guidelines for sports remain unclear.

We have reviewed published literature to determine the extent to which patients resume their athletic activities postoperatively, and what would be the best choice. Golf and double tennis remain the most recommended activities. No-impact, low power sports like swimming and bicycling are generally allowed. Jogging is not considered as a factor for short-term implant failure, but a long-term analysis is needed. Contact and high-impact sports like football or basketball are not recommended. There are no recommendations regarding alpinism and field hockey.