Issue 3

Volume 84, September 2018

  • Original studies

    • Bi-unicompartmental versus total knee arthroplasty: long term results

      Alessio Biazzo , Alfonso Manzotti , Norberto Confalonieri


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    • Indications for primary rotating-hinge total knee arthroplasty. Is there consensus?

      Jan Dauwe , Hilde Vandenneucker


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    • Outcome following total knee replacement in patients with a previous patellectomy

      Alexander Dodds , Richard Crowley , Tony Menz , Tony Spriggins , Greg Keene , Adrian Bauze


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    • Which unicondylar prosthesis is better in the mid- term in obese patients: fixed or mobile?

      Ersin Kuyucu , Ahmet M. Bülbül , Adnan Kara , Ferhat Say , Mehmet Erdil


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    • Acute and chronic effects of early progressive resistance training on knee pain and knee joint effusion after unicompartmental knee arthroplasty

      Malene Svane Kristensen , Peter B. Jørgensen , Søren Bie Bogh , Signe Kierkegaard , Inger Mechlenburg , Ulrik Dalgas


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    • Considerable variety in usual care rehabilitation after knee arthroplasty : a survey amongst physiotherapists

      Suzanne Witjes , Alexander Hoorntje , Koen L.M. Koenraadt , Pjotr Goossens , Gino M.M.J. Kerkhoffs , Rutger C.I. van Geenen


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    • Dhs plus anti-rotational screw vs cannulated screws for femoral neck fractures: an analysis of clinical outcome and incidence regarding avn

      Michele Bisaccia , Paolo Ceccarini , Giuseppe Rinonapoli , Lorenzo Maria D i Giacomo , Julien Teodori , Andrea Schiavone , Cristina Ibanez Vicente , Giuseppe De Trana , Auro Caraffa


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    • Low handgrip strength is associated with a higher incidence of pressure ulcers in hip fractured patients

      Enrique Diaz De Leon Gonzalez , Luis Leonardo Leyva Mendivil , Deborah Patricia Salinas Garza , Hugo Gutierrez Hermosillo , Juan Humberto Medina Chavez , Rebeca Palacios Corona


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    • Is there a place for conservative treatment of a Vancouver B2 fracture around a cemented polished tapered stem?

      Stijn Ghijselings , Jean-Pierre Simon , Kristoff Corten


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    • Evaluation of ninety-six periprosthetic hip joint infections seen within five consecutive years

      Peter Larsson , Matthias Erschbamer , Christian Spross , Karl Grob , Bernhard Jost , Johannes Erhardt


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    • Morphological abnormalities of the femur in the dysplastic hip. Relation between femur en acetabulum

      Peter Mahieu , Takehito Hananouchi , Nobuyuki Watanabe , Peter Claes , Hao Li , Emmanuel Audenaert


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    • LISS plate for treatment of distal femur fracture. Clinical and functional outcomes

      Juan Miguel Rodríguez -Roiz, Roberto Seijas, Pilar Camacho-Carrasco, José Alonso Zumbado, Andrea Sallent, Oscar Ares-Rodríguez


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    • Learning curve of direct anterior total hip arthroplasty : a single surgeon experience

      Yannick Van Den Eeden , Frank Van den Eeden


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    • Surgical treatment of displaced clavicle fractures with a novel intramedullary device; comparison of less-invasive versus standard technique

      Murat Calbiyik , Mehmet Taskoparan , Deniz Ipek


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    • Prevention of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome type 1 after conservative reatment of a distal radius fracture with a home exercise program: A proof-of-concept study

      Emily Boersma , Henk van de Meent , Jan Paul Frolke


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    • Clinical results of cervical disc replacement with the Baguera C prosthesis after two years follow-up

      Patrick Fransen , Niels Hansen -Algenstaedt , Athanasos Chatzisotiriou , David Cesar Gonzalez Noriega , Vincent Pointillart


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    • Experience of surgical treatment via posterior approaches for herniated thoracic disc

      Keun Su Kim , Ikchan Jeon


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    • Treatment of acute spondylolysis in elite athletes. Literature review and presentation of a new percutaneous grafting technique

      Joris Robberecht , Nick Stevens , Jan Sys


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    • The effect of intramedullary signal intensity in MRI on the therapeutic efficacy of posterior cervical decompression laminectomy with internal fixation and fusion for multi-level cervical spondylotic myelopathy : a retrospective cohort study

      Wei Zhou , Jian Tang , Jin Fan , Guoyong Yin


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