Evaluation of intra-operative imaging during scarf osteotomy – an unnecessary cost or an essential prerequisite?


Scarf osteotomy; Hallux valgus; intra-operative imaging

Published online: Jun 30 2018

George Cooper , Yue Yang Li , Abhijit Guha

From the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS trust, UK


Scarf osteotomy is an effective surgical treatment option for hallux valgus. It can manipulate alignment in three planes, allowing accurate anatomical correction. The potential benefit of intra-operative image intensification (II) to gauge deformity correction during surgery however, has not been quantitatively reported. This study aims to compare the correction of hallux valgus by scarf osteotomy with and without intra-operative imaging.

Retrospective analysis of a consecutive series of scarf osteotomy in 2 groups. Group A had intra-operative radiographic assessment and group B did not. Patient and surgical data was collected with a mean follow-up of 14 months.

Of 99 scarf osteotomies there was no significant difference in age, gender or pre-operative deformity between the groups (p<0.05). No statistical difference was found between the radiographic corrections of the two groups (p<0.05), although operating time was less in group B.

This series shows that intra-operative imaging does not improve accuracy of deformity correction, or implant position in scarf osteotomy. We suggest it is not required routinely during scarf osteotomy.