Comparison of fine needle aspiration and core needle biopsy in the diagnosis of bone tumours


Bone neoplasms ; Diagnosis ; Biospy ; fine-needle ; core needle.

Published online: Mar 30 2018

Pedro Filipe Cardoso , João Esteves , Vânia Oliveira , Ricardo Rodrigues -Pinto

From the Centro Hospitalar do Porto, Hospital de Santo António, Portugal


Much literature exists regarding the diagnostic yield and accuracy of core needle biopsy (CNB) and fine needle aspiration (FNA) but none compares both in the same tumour. Ninety-four patients were prospectively studied using a FNA and CNB. With FNA 70 diagnoses were possible (74,5%). Accurate diagnosis rate was 97,1%. In 92 patients (97,9%) a diagnosis was obtained with CNB and 91 (98,9%) were accurate.. The diagnostic yield was 74,5% for FNA and 97,9% for CNB (p < 0.0001). The diagnostic accuracy was 97,1% for FNA and 98,9% for CNB (p = 0.5787). Regarding determining malignancy FNA and CNB had 98,3% and 98,5% sensibility, 100% and 100% specificity, 100% and 100% positive predictive value and 95,2% and 96,2% negative predictive value, respectively. In conclusion FNA is as accurate as CNB on all accounts. Despite the reliability of FNA, the number of inconclusive cases makes it an inferior technique when compared with CNB.