Titanium elastic nailing in femoral diaphyseal fractures in children of 6-14 years age

Published online: Dec 27 2016

Manoj Kumar RAJAK, Rajesh THAKUR, Anil CHOUDHARY, Indranil BHADURI, Sachin KUMAR

From the department of Orthopaedics, Tata Main Hospital, India


Background : Traditionally conservative methods were used in managing paediatric femoral diaphyseal fractures. There has been a renewed interest for operative treatment with Titanium elastic nail system (TENS) in the age group of 6-14 years. Materials and Methods : This prospective study was done on 20 patients. Two titanium nails were used for stabilization. We followed them for maximum of two years. The results were evaluated using Flynn's scoring criteria. Results : In our study we had fifteen males and five females with average age 10.35 years. Average time for fracture union was 9.0 weeks, full weight bearing 9.2 weeks, hospital stay 8.6 days and return to school at 10 weeks. The results were excellent in 14, good in 5 and poor in 1 patient. Most common complication was irritation at nail entry site. No delayed union or nonunion seen. Conclusion : Treatment of diaphyseal femoral fracture in selected pediatric patients by TENS is reasonably effective.