Results of one-stage surgical treatment in children with Tönnis grade 4 developmental dysplasia of the hip: is it worse when it is bilateral?

Published online: Dec 30 2016

Kubilay BENG, Timur YILDIRIM, Ilhan A. BAYHAN, Evren AKPINAR, Cagri OZCAN, Mehmet Firat YAGMURLU

Metin Sabanci Baltalimani Bone Diseases Training and Research Hospital, Turkey


This retrospective study compared the results of one-stage surgery of unilateral and bilateral Tönnis grade 4 hips (high dislocation in developmental hip dysplasia, DDH) : 41 hips, 30 patients. Mean followup was 56 months. Pelvic radiographs were evaluated at three time points. Acetabular inclination angle improved significantly in both groups. Results were satisfactory (Severin classes I-II) in 13 hips (68.5%) (unilateral group) and 21 hips (89.5%) (bilateral group). Functional evaluation (McKay classification) at final follow-up revealed satisfactory results in 94.8% (unilateral group) and 63.6% (bilateral group). One-stage surgery is a reliable method for treating children with unilateral or bilateral DDH.