Management of adolescent tibia vara using Taylor spatial frame

Published online: Dec 27 2016

Mohammed Anter MESELHY

Benha Faculty of Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Egypt


Purpose : Adolescent tibia vara is a multiplanar deformity that can lead to progressive deformity, altered gait, unequal leg lengths, and premature knee arthritis if uncorrected. The purpose of the current study is to report our experience in management of adolescent tibia vara using Taylor Spatial Frame (TSF). Materials and Methods : A prospective study of eleven adolescent tibia vara patients managed by proximal tibial osteotomy gradual deformity correction using TSF. Results : The average time in the frame was 123.5 (±25.5) days. At final follow up (average 15 (±2) months), the mean post-operative mPTA was 87 (±4) degrees (range 81 to 93 degrees), where the mean preoperative mean mPTA was 68 (±9) degrees (range 49 to 77 degrees) (p value 0.003). The mean postoperative MAD was 12.2(±11.4) mm, range (-1 to 26 mm), where preoperative mean MAD was 75.7(±14.7 mm), range (60 to 107mm) (p value 0.003). The mean postoperative PPTA was 80(±2) degrees, range (77 to 83 degrees), while the preoperative mean PPTA was 72 (±12) degrees, range (42 to 82 degrees) (p value 0.028). Conclusion : Although we have not directly compared the TSF with the Ilizarov fixator, this series serves to highlight the versatility and effectiveness of the TSF in the treatment of complex and often obstinate adolescent tibia vara.