Results of a unicentric series of 15 wrist prosthesis implantations at a 5.2 year follow-up

Published online: Mar 27 2016


From the Emile Gallé Surgical Center, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Locomotor and Hand Surgery, Nancy University Hospital, Lorraine University, Nancy, France


Our retrospective study aimed to evaluate functional and radiological results of a unicentric series of 17 total wrist prostheses implanted between 2001 and 2011. Nine women and seven men, mean age 59, underwent wrist joint arthroplasty, bilateral in one case. Universal Total Wrist and Remotion prostheses were used and followed-up at a mean of 5.2 years (1.1-10). Fifteen patients were reviewed. Four patients had postoperative complications, three of whom required arthrodesis. The rest obtained satisfactory pain relief. Grip strength nevertheless decreased compared to the contralateral side and mobility was reduced : flexion/extension = 33°, ulnar/radial deviation = 20°. The Quick DASH score was 29% and PRWE, 26%. Radiological assessment revealed carpal implant loosening in eight patients. Our series confirms the discordance generally observed between patients' subjective satisfaction and mediocre clinical and radiological results over the medium term.