Early failure of coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction using TightRope system

Published online: Mar 27 2016

Bijayendra SINGH, Paras MOHANLAL, Rajesh BAWALE

From the department of Trauma and Orthopaedics, Medway NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom


This prospective study reports the results of early failure of coracoclavicular (CC) ligament reconstruction using TightRope. Nine consecutive patients who had CC ligament reconstruction using TightRope or GraftRope were assessed for radiological and functional outcomes using DASH and Oxford Shoulder scores. With an average age of 38.4 (21-70) years, four patients had type III injuries, two type IV and two type V injuries. The mean follow-up was 22.8 (12-42) months. In 7 out of 9 patients, secondary progressive loss of reduction was observed at an average of 3.1 (1-7) months. Three patients underwent revision. The mean DASH score at latest follow-up was 27.45 (19.6-35) & Oxford shoulder score was 30.5 (20-43). Coraco-clavicular reconstruction with TightRope or GraftRope appears to result in failure with progressive AC joint subluxation perhaps due to ‘windscreen wiper' micromotion. Surgeons should be wary of this potential problem whilst choosing this method of ­reconstruction for CC ligament reconstructions.