Reduction and internal fixation for acute midshaft clavicular fractures by mini-incision using cannulated screws

Published online: Sep 27 2014

Mahmoud A. MAHRAN, Elhussein M. ELMOATASEM, Mohamed A. ELGEBEILY

From the Department of Orthopaedics, Hospital of Ain shams University, Cairo, Egypt


Open reduction and internal fixation of fracture clavicle has typically been done by variable types of plates. Plates carry the disadvantages of longer incisions, prominence of the plates and wound complications. The purpose of this study is to present an alternative surgical technique for acute midshaft clavicular fracture using cannulated 6.5 screws with minimal incision over the fracture site. Twenty seven adult patients with acute midshaft clavicular fractures were surgically treated with mini open technique using 6.5mm cannulated screws. The modified shoulder rating scale by Chuang was used for outcome evaluation. Union occurred in a mean of 8.3 weeks range 6-12 weeks. Restoration of clavicular length was achieved in all cases. Twenty-four patients experienced no pain on all activity at latest follow-up. All patients expressed their willingness to have the surgery again should they have the same problem. One patient stated that she would not have the surgery again. Conclusion : reduction and internal fixation with a cannulated screw is an alternative economic technique for the treatment of acute midshaft clavicular fractures that is useful in selected cases where surgery is indicated.