Evaluating the success of preoperative imaging for diagnosing rotator cuff tears in a regional centre

Published online: Sep 27 2014

Tagbo ILOZUE, Anastasia FOTIADOU, Samir AMARAH

From Queens' College, University of Cambridge, Cambridgehsire, UK


To review the diagnostic performance of ultrasonography (US) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the detection of rotator-cuff tears, we performed a retrospective audit of patients who underwent shoulder arthroscopy at Hinchingbrooke hospital. The diagnostic accuracies of US for full and partial-thickness tears were 82% and 28% respectively. Those of MRI were 82% and 81% respectively. These were lower than expected from the literature. This discrepancy is likely to be the consequence of over-diagnosis in imaging and under-diagnosis at arthroscopy.