Management of periprosthetic fractures in patients treated with a megaprosthesis for malignant bone tumours around the knee

Published online: Aug 27 2012


From the Institut Jules Bordet, Brussels, Belgium


Early and late infection as well as loosening and mechanical failure are among the postoperative complications most often reported following reconstruction with a tumour prosthesis in patients with a sarcoma around the knee. Scarce instances of periprosthetic fractures have been reported. The literature includes the description of two patients with such a complication, however no treatment recommendation was detailed in those articles. We recorded in our experience two patients with a traumatic fracture following a massive prosthetic bone and joint replacement after major resection for a bone sarcoma. The surgical treatment was open reduction and internal fixation using a cable and plate system, allowing preservation of the prosthesis and providing stable fracture fixation and excellent fracture healing.