Results of surgical treatment of athletes with sportsman’s hernia

Published online: Feb 28 2012

Christophe JANS, Nouredin MESSAOUDI, Steven PAULI, Roger P. VAN RIET, Geert DECLERCQ

From Monica Hospital Deurne, Belgium


Chronic groin pain in athletes is a difficult diagnostic and therapeutic condition. Between March 2004 and December 2009, 241 male athletes (mean age : 25.8 years , range : 16- 41) in whom chronic sportsman’s hernia was diagnosed, were surgically treated using a standardised technique. In this retrospective study, charts were analyzed for preoperative duration of symptoms and prior treatment. Perioperative complications were noted. Patients were contacted and were asked to answer a telephone questionnaire : 162 patients agreed to be questioned as part of the current study. A surgical intervention with reinforcement of the posterior inguinal wall and tenotomy of the adductors has lead to satisfactory results in over 90% of athletes with chronic groin pain who failed to improve with conservative treatment.