Complications related to cement leakage in sacroplasty

Published online: Feb 27 2012

Johannes Dominik BASTIAN, Marius Johann Baptist KEEL, Paul Ferdinand HEINI, Ulrich SEIDEL, Lorin Michael BENNEKER

From Inselspital, University of Bern, Switzerland


Data concerning the safety of sacroplasty in terms of cement leakage is scarce. Frequency, distribution patterns and clinical consequences of cement leakage were assessed in 33 patients (28 female, mean age : 74 ± 10 yrs ; bilateral SIF : n = 30, 63 sacroplasties) treated with sacroplasty between 06/2003 and 11/2010 in a retrospective study using patients' records, operative notes and postoperative radiographs. Cement leakage was noted within the fracture gap (27%), into veins (6%), neuroforamina (3%) or in the intervertebral disc space L5/S1 (2%). In one patient, cement leakage into the fracture gap led to unilateral radiculopathy of the 5th lumbar nerve root. Leakage into the fracture gap is at high risk of affecting the 5th lumbar nerve root due to the special course of its ventral branch over the sacral promontory. The risks of cement leakage with neurological impairment should be explained to patients.