Issue 4

Volume 77, August 2011

  • review article

    • Basic kinematics and biomechanics of the patello-femoral joint; Part 1 : The native patella

      Oliver S. Schindler, W. Norman Scott


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    • Tibial pilon fractures : A review of incidence, diagnosis, treatment, and complications

      Cyril Mauffrey, Gabriel Vasario, Bruno Battiston, Charlie Lewis, James Beazley, David Seligson


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  • aspects of current management

    • Osteoporotic fracture treatment

      Nadine Hollevoet, René Verdonk, Jean-Marc Kaufman, Stefan Goemaere


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    • Excision arthroplasty following shoulder replacement

      Charalambos P. Charalambous, Shivappa Saidapur, Farhan Alvi, John Haines, Ian Trail


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  • original studies

    • Results of open arthrolysis for elbow stiffness: A series of 22 cases

      Djamila Ayadi, Philippe Etienne, Franz Burny, Frédéric Schuind


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    • Radius-only intramedullary nailing for both-bones diaphyseal forearm fractures in children

      Mustafa Alnaib, Razvan Taranu, Sandesh Lakkol, Ehab Aldlyami, Ilhan Alcelik, Christopher Tulloch


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    • One-stage treatment of developmental dysplasia of the hip in untreated children from two to five years old : A comparative study

      Cemil Ertürk, Mehmet Akif Altay, Raci Yarimpapuç, Ibrahim Koruk, U. Erdem Is¸ikan


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    • Minimal-invasive posterior approach for total hip arthroplasty versus standard lateral approach

      Iris Schleicher, Holger Haas, Tim S. Adams, Gabor Szalay, Heiko Klein, Jens Kordelle


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    • Proximal femoral anatomy in total hip arthroplasty A tri-planar computed tomographic assessment

      Adeel Rasool Memon, Joseph Butler, Shane Guerin, John Galbraith, Oisin Flanagan, James Harty


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    • Hip abductor re-attachment audited using a wire marker

      Gulraj Matharu, Andrew Thomas, Paul Pynsent


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    • Evaluation of the posterior cruciate ligament in long standing cruciate retaining total knee arthroplasty

      Ashok Rajgopal, Attique Vasdev, Vivek Dahiya, Vipin Tyagi


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    • Arterial anatomy of the free vascularised corticoperiosteal graft from the medial femoral condyle

      Cédric Van Dijck, Benjamin Mattelaer, Ilse De Degreef, Luc De Smet


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    • Deep intramedullary infection in tibial lengthening over an intramedullary nail

      Seung-Ju Kim, Gracia Cielo Balce, Young-Jae Huh, Sang-Yoon Song, Hae-Ryong Song, Seung-Ju Kim


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    • Percutaneous double metatarsal osteotomy for correction of severe hallux valgus deformity

      Christophe De Lavigne, Quentin Rasmont, Bao Hoang


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    • A 14-year longitudinal comparison study of two treatment methods in clubfoot : Ponseti versus traditional

      Richard A. Boden, Graham H. Nuttall, Robin W. Paton


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    • Progressive correction of severe spinal deformities with halo-gravity traction

      Sami Bouchoucha, Anis Khelifi, Walid Saied, Chokri Ammar, Mohamed Nebil Nessib, Maher Ben Ghachem


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    • Myths and facts of spondylodiscitis : An analysis of 183 cases

      Mustafa Citak, Manuel Backhaus, Thomas Kälicke, Ziad Hilal, Gert Muhr, Thomas M. Frangen


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    • Arthrodiastasis for late onset Perthes’ disease using a simple frame and limited soft tissue release

      Abdel Rahman Abdel Latif Amer, Ashraf A. Khanfour


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  • technical note

    • Injection of calcium phosphate cement in the percutaneous treatment of fractures of the lateral tibial plateau

      Breck R. Lord, Tom C. B. Pollard, Andrew R. McAndrew


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    • Paper and dynamic hip screw surgery – A cheap and effective aid for hip fracture reduction

      Simon MacLean, Sukhraj Dhillon, Daniel Redfern


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  • case report

    • Reversal of tetraplegia in a patient with haematogenous cervical epidural abscess

      Pavlos Katonis, Xenia Souvatzis, Nikolaos Tsavalas, Kalliopi Alpantaki


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    • Double Hill-Sachs lesion : a report of two cases

      Alexander Van Tongel, Taranjit Tung, Greg Stranges, Peter MacDonald


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    • Osteochondral allograft transplantation after excision of femoral head giant cell tumour : A case report

      Ramesh K. Sen, Sujit K. Tripathy, Dharm S. Meena, Nalini Gupta


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    • Bifocal disruption of the knee extensor apparatus (“floating patella”) in a 72-year-old patient

      Julien Chappuis, Walter Penders, Alexandra Cherchel, Guyve Lamraski


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