Modified double-row technique for arthroscopic Bankart repair : Surgical technique and preliminary results

Published online: Apr 27 2011

Hiroshi Iwaso, Eiji Uchiyama, Sei-Ichirou Sakakibara, Naoshi Fukui

From the Department of Sports Medicine, Kantoh Rosai Hospital, Kawasaki, Japan


Fixation by a double-row technique is a new concept in arthroscopic capsulolabral reconstruction for anterior shoulder instability. We report here a modified double-row arthroscopic Bankart repair technique. The capsulolabral complex is stabilised by sutures placed in a V-shaped manner. The sutures are fixed to the glenoid by suture anchors, thereby eliminating the necessity to tie or relay sutures under the scope. Compared with the conventional single-row repair method, our method has an advantage in that the complex is attached to the glenoid over a larger area. This procedure was performed on 28 shoulders in 25 patients. The operation time was shortened by almost 30% from that with the conventional procedure, and no complications were encountered in these patients. No recurrence of dislocation or subluxation was noted in 19 joints followed for 24 months or longer.