Patient related functional outcome of glenoid rim fractures treated with open reduction and internal fixation

Published online: Dec 27 2010

Bart A. van Dijkman, Niels W.L. Schep, Jan S.K. Luitse, Kees-Jan Ponsen, Peter Kloen, J. Carel Goslings

From the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


The aim of this study was to evaluate patient related outcome and shoulder stability following open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) in patients with glenoid rim fractures. After a median follow-up of four years, 14 patients completed the Rowe Shoulder Stability Score and Quick DASH questionnaire. The median Rowe score was 90 (Q1 : 88, Q3 : 100). Results were graded excellent in 11 patients and good in three. The median DASH score was 4.6 (Q1 : 0, Q3 : 32). In conclusion this study showed that ORIF of type 1a and 2 glenoid rim fractures provided satisfactory results with respect to prevention of instability. However, patient reported functional outcome was disappointing in 21% of the patients.