Long-stem revision prosthesis for salvage of failed fixation of extracapsular proximal femoral fractures

Published online: Jun 27 2009

Rory J. Sharvill, Nicholas A. Ferran, Huw G. Jones, Stephen A. Jones

From the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom and the Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln, United Kingdom


A retrospective review was made of radiographs and case notes of patients with failed fixation of extra-capsular proximal femoral fractures subsequently managed with long-stem revision arthroplasty. Follow-up radiographs, objective scoring, mobility, and complications were assessed. Twenty five hips were managed with long-stem hip arthroplasty in 24 patients with a mean age of 73 years. The mean follow-up was 24 months. Patients received uncemented acetabular components and long-stem uncemented femoral implants. Complications included two intraoperative femoral fractures which were strut-grafted, three wound infections (one required washout), and one recurrent dislocation managed conservatively. Average postoperative Oxford Hip score was 29. We report a low complication rate and no specific implant related problems, with good functional outcome as evidenced by the outcome scores and mobility status following salvage arthroplasty.