Predictors for blood transfusion following total knee arthroplasty : A prospective randomised study

Published online: Feb 27 2008

Francisco Mesa-Ramos, Manuel Mesa-Ramos, Carmen Maquieira-Canosa, Pedro Carpintero

From Hospital de Pozoblanco, Córdoba, Spain and University Hospital “Reina Sofia”, Cordoba, Spain


A prospective randomised study was conducted on 121 patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty, to identify factors predicting the need for postoperative transfusion. Patients were additionally distributed into two groups, one of which received local adrenaline into the surgical field before wound closure, while the other served as control. A statistically significant correlation was noted between preoperative haemoglobin level, haematocrit and erythrocyte count and the need for transfusion ; haemoglobin level emerged as the main predictor. No correlation was observed with patients' age, sex, body mass index, blood pressure or number of comorbidities. Local administration of adrenaline into the surgical field did not result in any reduction in blood loss, nor did it modify transfusion requirements.