Outcome of cemented Neer II hemiarthroplasty in displaced humeral head fractures

Published online: Feb 27 2008

Bettina Falborg, Henrik Palm, Anne Marie Fenger, Kiran Anderson, Claus Hjorth Jensen

From Copenhagen University Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark


The functional and radiological outcome of cemented Neer II hemiarthroplasty performed within six weeks after a fracture-dislocation or a three/four-part humeral head fracture was evaluated in 48 patients with an average age of 73 years (range : 45 to 89), with an average follow-up period of 44 months (range : 6 to 106). Thirty-two (67%) patients were satisfied or very satisfied. Twenty-nine (61%) patients had no or mild pain, 17 (35%) had moderate pain and two (4%) had severe pain. Constant Score averaged 49 (range : 8 to 71) compared to 78 (range : 40 to 100) for the non-operated shoulder (p < 0.001). The 26 (57%) patients with abnormal radiographs (malpositioning or loosening of the prosthesis, non-union of tuberosities, heterotopic ossification, and/or glenoid erosion) had a significantly lower Constant Score (45 [range : 8 to 69] versus 55 [range : 31 to 71], p = 0.013). The functional outcome is disappointing and related to the radiographic status. The patients however seem to be satisfied despite a rather stiff shoulder and in our opinion a non-acceptable pain relief.