Evaluation of functional outcome and patient satisfaction after arthroscopic elbow arthrolysis

Published online: Feb 27 2008

Brinda Vihari Somanchi, Lennard Funk

From Wrightington Hospital, United Kingdom


Arthroscopic arthrolysis is indicated for stiffness and pain caused by intrinsic stiffness and early arthritis of the elbow joint. Previous studies have demonstrated the benefits in relieving pain and improving motion, but none have reported the specific functional recovery. To understand the functional outcome and patient satisfaction, 26 patients were reviewed at a mean follow-up of 25 months. All were manual workers or strength athletes. Pre- and post-operative evaluation included the Elbow Functional Assessment score, patient satisfaction and return to work and sports. Function improved significantly in 87% and the overall Elbow Functional Assessment score raised from a preoperative 48 to a postoperative 84. Arthroscopic arthrolysis not only improved pain and the range of motion, but also restored the elbow function and returned patients to their desired level of activity.