Open repair of Bankart lesions using suture anchors in hard workers.

Published online: Dec 27 2006

O. Cetik, M. Uslu, B. K. Ozsar, F. Eksioglu, G. Cetik


The surgical techniques applied to recurrent anterior dislocation of the shoulder, especially in hard working patients, must reconstruct a stable shoulder joint with a good range of motion, which will not re-dislocate, so the patients can return to their hardworking duties. The aim of this study was to evaluate the results of open Bankart repairs with suture anchors, in high-demand sportsmen and hard workers with recurrent anterior shoulder dislocation. Thirty shoulders of 29 patients were included in the study. All patients were active hard workers. A modified deltopectoral incision was used and Mitek GII Suture Anchors were implanted with 7-10 mm intervals into the bone-cartilage zone of the glenoid rim. Average follow-up time was 30 months (range, 22-38). Postoperative results were analysed according to the Rowe Scoring System. We obtained good and excellent results in 93.3% of cases. The open Bankart repair using suture anchors appeared in this study as a reliable technique for hard workers or physically high-demand patients.