Arthroscopic evaluation of intra-articular haemangiomatous lesions. A technical note.

Published online: Apr 27 2005

Kedar CHIRPUTKAR, Konstantinos GIANNIKAS, Paul RAE

From North Manchester General Hospital, Manchester, United Kingdom


We are describing an arthroscopy tip, which is helpful in suspected/diagnosed cases of intra-articular haemangioma of the knee. Intra-articular haemangiomas of the knee are a rare but known condition. Arthroscopy or MRI can be used for diagnosis. Arthroscopy was performed in a case of haemangioma diagnosed on MRI performed for anterior knee pain. Appearances of the haemangioma were entirely different when hydrostatic pressures inside the knee joint were different. The picture with bright strawberry coloured haemangioma was seen when lowered hydrostatic pressure in the knee allowed the haemangioma to fill up, defining its full extent. The appearance of the same haemangioma changed to a pale appearance when we allowed hydrostatic pressure to build up inside the knee. We recommend that when dealing with intra-articular haemangiomas of the knee, arthroscopy should be performed under low hydrostatic pressure for better and complete visualisation of the haemangioma, which will prevent incomplete treatment.