The floating metatarsal. A rare traumatic injury.

Published online: Jun 27 2003

Kasmaoui el H, Bousselmame N, Bencheba D, Boussouga M, Lazrek K, Taobane H.

Orthopaedic Surgery Department, Mohamed V Military Hospital, Rabat, Morocco.


The authors report a case of concomitant plantar Lisfranc dislocation and plantar metatarsophalangeal dislocation of the hallux. This is the second case of floating metatarsal described in the literature. When examining patients with Lisfranc joint injuries, one should explore carefully the metatarsophalangeal joints. It is also imperative to adapt the order of reductions to the presumed tension on the plantar fascia. Open reduction on the proximal side and closed reduction on the distal side, in addition to internal fixation proximally and distally, gave good results in this case.