Soft-tissue chondroma in a finger: a case report.

Published online: Jun 27 2002

Faraj AA.

Orthopaedic Department, University Hospital, Nottingham, U.K.


We present a case of soft tissue chondroma arising from the soft tissues of the index finger of the right dominant hand. Although asymptomatic, the swelling gave rise to concern both for the patient and the hand surgeon. There was a relatively large osteoblastic lesion in relation to the volar aspect of the distal interphalangeal joint. The lesion was excised, the histological findings were those of a chondroma. The site, the radiological appearance and the lack of any connection of this tumor to the underlying joint, bone and tendon is extremely rare. Despite concerns of an aggressive neoplastic disease, the lesion was benign on histology and did not recur.