[Long-term outcome following surgical repair of ruptures of the fibular collateral ligament of the ankle. A report of 50 cases]

Published online: Sep 27 1999

O Jarde, E Havet, A Gabrion, P Meire, and P Vives.

Service d'Orthop├ędie-Traumatologie, CHU Nord, Amiens, France.


The authors report their findings in a series of 49 patients with 50 acute ankle sprains, who underwent surgical repair of their ruptured fibular collateral ligaments. All patients were selected for surgical treatment based upon the findings on stress-films taken under anesthesia, showing a laxity at least superior by 10 degrees to the value found on the contralateral ankle. All patients were reviewed 2 to 12 years after operation. Clinical evaluation was based upon Duquennoy's criteria, and dynamic x-rays were performed in all patients to evaluate residual laxity. The clinical results were good or excellent in 78% of patients, fair in 14% and poor in 8%. Seven patients (14%) complained of subjective instability. Stress films showed residual laxity from 5 to 10 degrees in 10 patients (20%). The authors conclude that their findings do not support the alleged superiority of surgical repair over conservative management of severe ankle sprains.