8-year survivorship analysis and subjective results of 687 primary Balgrist hip sockets.

Published online: Sep 27 1999

B Echtler, H A Jacob, M Houweling, and O Hersche.

Orthopädische Universitätsklinik Balgrist, Zürich, Switzerland.


The Balgrist hip socket consists of an outer split ring in the form of a truncated cone, made of titanium, which is expanded by a tapered HDPE insert during implantation, thus ensuring firm primary press-fit and the possibility of retightening in the postoperative remodelling phase. Between November 1987 and October 1996, 687 primary Balgrist hip sockets were implanted in 555 patients. Five hundred and thirty-seven patients were investigated. Of these patients, 71.1% never had pain in the operated hip, 88.1% had no problems putting on their shoes, 76.2% were able to walk one or more hours. Furthermore, 91.7% are very or mostly content with the postoperative result. Nineteen hip sockets had to be revised until April 1997. With a 92.1% Kaplan-Meier survivorship rate after 8 years the Balgrist hip socket ranks among the most successful noncemented acetabular components.