Issue 3

Volume 64, September 1998

  • article

    • [Percutaneous treatment of an osteoid osteoma of the scapula using a laser under scanner control]

      C Hoeffel, and C Chelle.


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    • Dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica (Trevor's disease) of the distal radius.

      C Hoeffel, and J C Hoeffel.


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    • An unusual localisation and presentation of osteoid osteoma.

      C Hoeffel, and J C Hoeffel.


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    • [Subnormal functional activity in a neglected posterior dislocation of the shoulder]

      D Ghafil, and P Putz.


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    • Closed rupture of both flexor tendons of the fifth finger due to a calcium hydroxyapatite deposit in the carpal tunnel.

      L De Smet, and Y Baeten.


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    • [Diagnostic problems of circumscribed myositis ossificans: presentation of an atypical case]

      J L Gielen, Y Lecomte, and J C Bienfait.


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    • Trapezoid dislocation with a Galeazzi fracture.

      M Taylor, and D Shakespeare.


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    • Three-phase bone scan and dynamic vascular scintigraphy in algoneurodystrophy of the upper extremity.

      C Schiepers, I Bormans, and M De Roo.


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    • Clinical criteria and treatment of segmental versus upper extremity reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

      P N Soucacos, L A Diznitsas, A E Beris, K N Malizos, T A Xenakis, and G S Papadopoulos.


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    • The reasons for poor response to treatment of posttraumatic reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

      A Zyluk.


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    • The so-called congenital trigger digit: further experience.

      L De Smet, A Steenwerckx, and H Van Ransbeeck.


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    • Syndactyly release: results of the Flatt technique.

      L De Smet, H Van Ransbeeck, and G Deneef.


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    • Modifications of arterial blood flow to the hand after carpal tunnel release.

      F Schuind, T Nguyen, M Vancabeke, and J C Wautrecht.


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    • Complications using the Seidel intramedullary humeral nail: outcome in 31 patients.

      H Svend-Hansen, M Skettrup, and M W Rathcke.


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    • The unreamed AO femoral intramedullary nail, advantages and disadvantages of a new modular interlocking system. A prospective study of 67 cases.

      P Broos, and P Reynders.


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    • The unreamed locked intramedullary tibial nail: a follow-up study in 51 patients.

      P Mertens, P Broos, P Reynders, and R Deswart.


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    • Is preoperative tibial traction responsible for peroneal nerve palsy in patients with a fractured hip?

      N Levi.


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    • Core decompression for avascular necrosis of the femoral head.

      C Van Laere, M Mulier, J P Simon, J Stuyck, and G Fabry.


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    • Long-term results after Mitchell osteotomy in children and adolescents with hallux valgus.

      A Karbowski, M Schwitalle, A Eckardt, and J Heine.


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    • Treatment of advanced impingement syndrome by arthroscopic subacromial decompression.

      D Petré, O Verborgt, F Vanglabbeek, and J Verstreken.


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