[Giant cell tumors of the distal end of the radius treated by resection-arthrodesis]

Published online: Mar 27 1998

H Ben Amor, M Zouari, S Karray, K Zehi, T Litaiem, and M Douik.

Institut National d'Orthopédie Mohamed Taïeb Kassab, La Manouba, Tunis, Tunisie.


The distal end of the radius is one of the sites commonly affected by giant-cell tumor of bone; it poses problems of reconstruction after resection of the distal radius. The authors present a retrospective study of 5 giant cells tumors treated by resection-arthrodesis of the wrist. These tumors were seen in 3 men and 2 women. From the radiological point of view, all tumors were extensive and lytic lesions centered in the epiphysis and involving the metaphysis; the wrist joint was respected. From the histological point of view, the tumors were grade I in 3 cases and grade II in 2 cases. With a mean follow up of 8 years, the results were considered good in 3 cases, fair in 1 case and poor in 1 case. A high incidence of bone complications was noted: delayed union (up to 11 months) and fracture of the graft, which occurred in 3 patients.