Experience with proximal ingrowth implantation in hip revision surgery.

Published online: Dec 30 1997

H Cameron.

Department of Surgery, University of Toronto and Orthopaedic & Arthritic Hospital, Canada.


A 2 to 8 year review of 104 cases of Type III hip revisions with a proximally modular proximal ingrowth non-cemented stem has been carried out. Four re-revisions were required, 1 early for a femur which was too broken up to support an implant, 1 for late sepsis re-activation, 1 for knee pain, and 1 at 4 years for aseptic loosening. Of the remainder, 81.8% had a good or excellent result with most problems being experienced in the acetabular side. 68.8% show no radiolucency and only 3 cases, including the revised one, show complete stem radiolucency. It is concluded that in the medium term, proximal ingrowth implants can be used in revision hip surgery.