[Anterior instability of the shoulder in athletes: apropos of 51 cases of stabilization using the Latarjet-Patte intervention]

Published online: Dec 27 1996

D Huguet, G Pietu, C Bresson, F Potaux, and J Letenneur.

Service de Chirurgie Traumatologique et Orthopédique, Hôtel-Dieu C.H.U. Nantes, France.


We report the 45-month results of the Bristow Latarjet procedure in 48 patients (51 shoulders), all sportsmen. At review, 87% were satisfied, 71% practiced the same sport at the same level, and 74% had good or excellent objective results. Five patients reported recurrence of dislocation, external rotation was restricted more than 10 degrees in 36%, and 31% of the shoulders had radiological evidence of degenerative arthropathy. We compare the results with the literature, particularly concerning recurrent dislocation and osteoarthritis.