Issue 4

Volume 60, December 1994

  • article

    • Regression of an intraosseous ganglion of the scaphoid following fracture.

      L De Smet, and G Fabry.


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    • Achilles tendon ossification.

      N Joshi, E Diaz, and J Massons.


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    • Displaced radiocarpal dislocation with multiple associated fractures.

      S A Antuña, J G Mendez, and J Paz Jimenez.


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    • Isolated avulsion fracture of the lesser tubercle of the humerus in children.

      J C Le Huec, T Schaeverbeke, M Moinard, M Kind, D Chauveaux, and A Le Rebeller.


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    • [Benign osteonecrosis of vertebral body versus neoplastic lesions. Limitations of CT and magnetic resonance imaging]

      J Legaye, W Lokietek, P Hanson, J F De Wispelaere, and M Delos.


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    • The open palm technique in the treatment of Dupuytren's disease.

      H Cools, and J Verstreken.


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    • [Study of the correlation between magnetic resonance imaging and surgery in the diagnosis of chronic Achilles tendinopathies]

      J L Husson, B De Korvin, J L Polard, J Y Attali, and R Duvauferrier.


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    • Excision or Silastic replacement for comminuted radial head fractures. A long-term follow-up.

      D V Stoffelen, and B J Holdsworth.


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    • [Supple intervertebral stabilization according to Graf. Evaluation of its use and technical approach]

      J Legaye, P De Cloedt, and R Emery.


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    • Arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis. Preliminary report.

      L De Vriese, G Dereymaeker, and G Fabry.


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    • Arthroscopic treatment of anterior impingement of the ankle.

      P Reynaert, G Gelen, and G Geens.


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    • Long-term results of elbow arthroscopy in 67 patients.

      T Schneider, I Hoffstetter, B Fink, and J Jerosch.


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    • The required resultant abductor force and the available resultant abductor force after operative changes in hip geometry.

      V Antolic, A Iglic, S Herman, F Srakar, V K Iglic, A M Lebar, and U Stanic.


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    • Uptake of [99mTc]technetium methylene diphosphonate in the growth plates of the rabbit tibia during the final part of epiphyseal growth activity.

      P M Van Roermund, C Haaring, P P van Rijk, and W Renooij.


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    • [Experimental study of the deformations of the acetabulum in unipodal stance]

      P Massin, E Vandenbussche, and B Landjerit.


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