[Traumatic scapulo-humeral dislocation in children and adolescents. Apropos of 9 patients]

Published online: Jun 27 1994

R Elbaum, H Parent, R Zeller, and R Seringe.

Service d'Orthopédie Pédiatrique, Hôpital St Vincent de Paul, Paris, France.


From 1974 to 1989, 9 children or adolescents, with an average age of 12 years and 4 months were seen for traumatic dislocation of the shoulder. All patients were followed for a minimal period of 2 years following the primary dislocation. Six patients were treated with closed reduction and immobilization for 3 weeks followed by a rehabilitation program. The recurrence rate was 71%. The authors insist on the fact that traumatic glenohumeral dislocation is a rare pathology in pediatric traumatology. The recurrence rate following the initial episode is higher however than for the adult population. These patients should be followed until consolidation of their lesions.