[The Seidel humeral nail in limited indications: pathological fractures, delayed union, pseudarthrosis and reconstruction]

Published online: Jun 27 1994

G Pietu, J Letenneur, and M Bourgade.

Clinique Traumatologique et Orthopédique, Hôtel Dieu, C.H.U. Nantes, France.


The authors report 10 cases of Seidel locked intramedullary nailing of the humeral shaft for borderline indications (5 delayed unions, 2 complex nonunions, 2 reconstructions for tumor and a panmetastatic humerus). All delayed unions went to union in spite of unscrewing of the expanding screw in 2 cases. In cases of segmental reconstruction, union never occurred due to unlocking of the distal bolt by bone incompetence. Diaphyseal straightening was obtained, but not rotational stability. These elderly patients, in whom the osteoporotic bone is inadequate for plate osteosynthesis, were pleased with the result in comparison with their preoperative status. For pathological fracture, a painfree status is obtained. No subacromial impingement was observed.