Irradiated meniscal allotransplants of rabbits: study of the mechanical properties at six months postoperation.

Published online: Jun 27 1994

L Yahia, and D Zukor.

Biomechanics-Biomaterials Group, Biomedical Engineering Institute, Ecole Polytechnique, Montréal, Québec, Canada.


In this study, the long-term effects of gamma irradiation were investigated on the indentation properties of rabbits' meniscal allotransplants. Three groups, i.e. fresh, frozen and frozen irradiated allotransplants, were studied at 6 months postoperatively. Contralateral menisci served as controls in each group. Treatment effects were assessed using three mechanical parameters, i.e. compliance to long-term creep (J(R)), compliance to rapid load (Jmu) and viscoelastic characteristic time (tau i). Comparison of the three groups showed that compliance to long-term creep of the frozen irradiated menisci was significantly reduced. This suggests that at 6 months postoperatively, the frozen irradiated allotransplants were less viscous compared to fresh or frozen transplants.