[Arthrolysis of the elbow--apropos of 70 cases]

Published online: Dec 27 1993

A Lamine, T Fikry, B Essadki, and B Zryouil.

Service de Chirurgie Orthop├ędique et Traumatologique, Casablanca, Maroc.


This retrospective review covers 70 cases of elbow stiffness treated by arthrolysis. The average age was 27 years. Eighty percent had a posttraumatic origin; 53.6% were old dislocations. In 67.1% the range of movement was reduced for flexion and extension; 80% were severe to very severe cases. Physiotherapy was passive and active from the third postoperative day, except for the old dislocations, treated for 2 weeks by fixation of the radial condyle, because of instability. For 51.4% the range of movement was -30 degrees extension up to 130 degrees flexion, intra-operatively; for 21.4% it was a long-term result. The results were related to the damage to the joint space, the large number of old dislocations and insufficient rehabilitation.