Missed posterior fracture dislocation of the shoulder. Closed reduction and pinning.

Published online: Jun 27 1993

J Vandeputte, and B Van Tornout.

Orthopaedic Department, Groep Chirurgie H. Hart, Roeselare, Belgium.


In four missed posterior shoulder dislocations, a trial of closed reduction was successful, but severe instability required further therapy. The glenohumeral joints were immobilized by 3 to 4 percutaneously inserted threaded pins. Removal of the pins after 4 to 6 weeks was followed by physiotherapy. After a follow-up of 4 to 42 months, the functional results of this simple procedure are good and there is no recurrence. Bending of the ends of the pins, a very careful follow-up to deal with pin migration, and adequate prevention of subsequent convulsions in epileptic patients are mandatory.