Extensive vertebral hydatidosis. A study.

Published online: Mar 27 1993

S Karray, M Zlitni, M Karray, M Douik, N Sliman, and T Litaiem.

National Orthopedic Institute, Mannouba, Tunis, Tunisia.


An exceptional case of vertebral hydatidosis with involvement of the cervical, dorsal, lumbar and sacral segments of the spine is presented. Vertebral hydatidosis is a rare form of hydatid disease. It is found in less than 2% of all cases in echinococcosis. The initial parasite localization is usually univertebral. Extensive primary lesions were related to massive infestation by tapeworm ova at multivertebral levels. At this stage, the disease presents as a malignant tumor resistant to all surgical procedures. The prognosis is poor because of severe neurological complications and inexorable spinal destruction. The hope remains that in the future an effective medical parasiticidal treatment will be available.