Issue 4

Volume 58, December 1992

  • article

    • The use of a traction frame for intramedullary nailing of tibial fractures.

      P A Reynders-Frederix, P L Broos, and G Fabry.


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    • Spontaneous ruptures of the flexor carpi radialis tendon secondary to STT osteoarthritis.

      K Verellen, D Dauwe, M Demuynck, P Kestelijn, and L Vanden Berghe.


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    • Medial meniscal cyst as a cause of bone erosion.

      P Peris, J Llena, F Moya, C Vilalta, F Maculé, and J Muñoz-Gómez.


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    • The missed thorn.

      M Barry, N Maffulli, and C Good.


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    • A phalangeal osteoid osteoma. Case report.

      J Oosterbosch, L De Smet, G Fabry, and B Van Damme.


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    • [Progressive correction of an ulnar deviation of the hand following defective healing of the 2 forearm bones and probable sequellae of a Volkmann contracture]

      F Chevalley, and J J Livio.


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    • Avascular necrosis of the humeral head after dislocation with fracture of the greater tuberosity.

      S Suso, L Peidro, and R Ramon.


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    • Olecranon fractures in osteogenesis imperfecta. A case report.

      C S Mudgal.


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    • [Electronic podometry--2-year experience: preliminary report]

      M Libotte, P Zygas, S Giudici, and B Noel.


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    • [Dissection of the sub-astragalar ligaments and magnetic resonance imaging]

      P Zygas, M Shahabpour, and M Libotte.


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    • The meningovertebral ligaments as a barrier to the side-to-side migration of extruded lumbar disc herniations.

      R Scapinelli.


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    • Lesions of the triangular fibrocartilaginous complex.

      B Zachee, L De Smet, and G Fabry.


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    • Factors affecting survival of patients with hip fractures.

      H O Kuokkanen, and O L Korkala.


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    • A review of the 2- to 8-year results with a proximally fixed noncemented threaded modular total hip.

      H U Cameron.


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    • Perioperative analgesia by 3-in-one block in total hip arthroplasty. Prospective randomized blind study.

      B Uhrbrand, T T Jensen, D K Bendixen, and J F Hartmann-Andersen.


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    • [Rupture of the metallic lining in bicentric hemi-arthroplasties of the hip. Apropos of 3 cases]

      J Legaye.


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    • Congenital flat foot: different clinical forms.

      J M Salo, A Viladot, M Garcia-Elias, J M Sanchez-Freijo, and R Viladot.


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    • The influence of automated percutaneous lumbar discectomy (APLD) on the biomechanics of the lumbar intervertebral disc. An experimental study.

      W H Castro, H Halm, and J Rondhuis.


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    • Osteoid osteoma as a cause of knee pain. A review of 10 cases.

      D Stoffelen, M Martens, L Renson, and G Fabry.


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    • The effect on cortical bone of reaming and filling of canine tibial diaphysis with inert bone wax.

      J Stürup, L Nimb, and J S Jensen.


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    • [Aseptic necrosis of the femoral head following renal transplantation: assessment of a 25-year experience]

      J J Rombouts, Y Pirson, J P Squifflet, A Vincent, P De Nayer, C Van Ypersele de Strihou, G P Alexandre, S Kallel, and P Soete.


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